Optimizing Effort and Time Parameters of COCOMO II Estimation using Fuzzy Multi-objective PSO

Kholed Langsari, Riyanarto Sarno


The  estimation  of  software  effort  is  an  essential and  crucial   activity   for  the  software   development   life  cycle. Software effort estimation is a challenge that often appears on the project of making a software. A poor estimate will produce result in a worse project management.  Various software cost estimation model has been introduced  to resolve this problem. Constructive Cost Model II (COCOMO II Model) create large extent most considerable  and broadly  used as model  for cost estimation.  To estimate   the  effort  and  the  development   time  of  a  software project,  COCOMO  II model uses cost drivers,  scale factors  and line  of  code.  However,  the  model  is  still  lacking  in  terms  of accuracy both in effort and development  time estimation.  In this study,   we   do   investigate   the   influence   of   components   and attributes to achieve new better accuracy improvement on COCOMO II model. And we introduced the use of Gaussian Membership  Function  (GMF)  Fuzzy  Logic  and Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimization method (MOPSO) algorithms in calibrating  and optimizing  the COCOMO  II model parameters. The   proposed   method   is   applied   on   Nasa93   dataset.   The experiment  result of proposed method able to reduce error down to  11.891%  and  8.082%  from  the  perspective  of  COCOMO  II model.  The  method  has  achieved  better  results  than  those  of previous   researches   and  deals  proficient   with  inexplicit   data input and further improve reliability of the estimation method.


COCOMO II Model; Effort Estimation; Time Development Estimation; Fuzzy; Multi-Objective PSO; Optimizaton;

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