E-Learning Model for Equivalency Education Program in Indonesia

Mesra Betty Yel, Sfenrianto Sfenrianto


with the emergence of e-Learning, governments provide opportunities for online learning, whether formal or informal.  However, most of e-learning systems in Indonesia have been used at formal education environments, today. Therefore, this study proposes an E-Learning model to support non-formal education in Indonesia. This model is called as E-learning for the Equivalency Education Program (E-LEEP) model. The E-LEEP consists of three components: User, Education Program, and Monitoring. The user will be students and tutor. The education program includes Package A,  Package B,  and Package C  for elementary school, junior  high school, and senior  high school respectively. The monitoring will be used by institution and stakeholders. Each component will support the needs of students programs in e-Learning environment, in order to achieve the goal learning.

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