Odor Localization using Gas Sensor for Mobile Robot

Nyayu Latifah Husni, Ade Silvia Handayani, Siti Nurmaini, Irsyadi Yani


This paper discusses the odor localization using Fuzzy logic algorithm. The concentrations of the source that is sensed by the gas sensors are used as the inputs of the fuzzy. The output of the Fuzzy logic is used to determine the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) of driver motors of the robot. The path that the robot should track depends on the PWM of the right and left motors of the robot.  When the concentration in the right side of the robot is higher than the middle and the left side, the fuzzy logic will give decision to the robot to move to the right. In that condition, the left motor is in the high speed condition and the right motor is in slow speed condition. Therefore, the robot will move to the right.   The experiment was done in a conditioned room using a robot that is equipped with 3 gas sensors. Although the robot is still needed some improvements in accomplishing its task, the result shows that fuzzy algorithms are effective enough in performing odor localization task in mobile robot.


odor localization; fuzzy logic; TGS

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