Histogram-based Multilayer Reversible Data Hiding Method for Securing Secret Data

Chaidir Chalaf Islamy, Tohari Ahmad


In this modern age, data can be easily transferred within networks. This condition has brought the data vulnerable; so they need protection at all times. To minimize this threat, data hiding appears as one of the potential methods to secure data. This protection is done by embedding the secret into various types of data, such as an image. In this case, histogram shifting has been proposed; however, the amount of secret and the respective stego image are still challenging. In this research, we offer a method to improve its performance by performing some steps, for example removing the shifting process and employing multilayer embedding. Here, the embedding is done directly to the peak of the histogram which has been generated by the cover. The experimental results show that this proposed method has a better quality of stego image than existing ones.


data hiding; data protection; information security; histogram


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