Implementation of an IoT based Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Framework

Rafizah Ab Rahman, Ummi Raba'ah Hashim, Sabrina Ahmad


This study explored the use of Internet of Things (IoT) in monitoring the temperature and humidity of a data centre in real-time using a cloud monitoring system. This study determined the relationship and difference between temperature and humidity with respect to the different locations of measurements. The development of temperature and humidity monitoring system was accomplished using the proposed framework and has been deployed at the data centre of Politeknik Muadzam Shah, where the readings were recorded and sent to an IoT platform of AT&T M2X to be stored. The data was then retrieved and analysed showing that there was a significant difference in temperature and humidity measured at different locations. The monitoring system was also successful in detecting extreme changes in temperature and humidity and automatically send a notification to IT personnel via e-mail, short messaging service (SMS) and mobile notification for further action.


temperature monitoring; humidity monitoring; Internet of Things (IoT); data centre; cloud monitoring;


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