DEH-DoSv6: A defendable security model against IPv6 extension headers denial of service attack

Marlon A. Naagas, Alvin R. Malicdem, Thelma D. Palaoag


With the rapid depletion of IPv4 protocol in these recent years, the IETF introduced IPv6 as a solution to address the exhaustion, however, as a new protocol exists, new characteristics have been introduced and new threats have been discovered. IPv6 Extension Headers as a new characteristic has a serious security implication that we need to consider, once taken for granted it will lead to Denial of Service (DoS) attack. This security issue has become one of the biggest concerns which can impact IPv6 transition and this factor has led to the development of our proposed model. The proposed model protects the router’s control and forwarding plane that hardens the IPv6 Network against mishandling of IPv6 Extension Headers that is causing Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks. Moreover, test results show that our model worked successfully on defending against the aforementioned attack.


IPv6 denial of service; IPv6 emerging threat; IPv6 evasion technique; IPv6 extension headers; IPv6 security model


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Bulletin of EEI Stats