Maximum Loadability Enhancement with a Hybrid Optimization Method

E. E. Hassan, T. K. A. Rahman, Z. Zakaria, N. Bahaman, M. H. Jifri


Nowadays, a power system is operating in a stressed condition due to the increase in demand in addition to constraint in building new power plants. The economics and environmental constraints to build new power plants and transmission lines have led the system to operate very close to its stability limits. Hence, more researches are required to study the important requirements to maintain stable voltage condition and hence develop new techniques in order to address the voltage stability problem. As an action, most Reactive Power Planning (RPP) objective is to minimize the cost of new reactive resources while satisfying the voltage stability constraints and labeled as Secured Reactive Power Planning (SCRPP). The new alternative optimization technique called Adaptive Tumbling Bacterial Foraging (ATBFO) was introduced to solve the RPP problems in the IEEE 57 bus system. The comparison common optimization Meta-Heuristic Evolutionary Programming and original Bacterial Foraging techniques were chosen to verify the performance using the proposed ATBFO method. As a result, the ATBFO method is confirmed as the best suitable solution in solving the identified RPP objective functions.


ATBFO, Meta-heuristic evolutionary programming, RPP, SCRPP

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