Estimation of Photovoltaic Module Parameters based on Total Error Minimization of I-V Characteristic

M. N. Abdullah, M. Z. Hussin, S. A. Jumaat, N. H. Radzi, Lilik J. Awalin


Mathematical Modelling of photovoltaic (PV) modules is important for simulation and performance analysis of PV system. Therefore, an accurate parameters estimation is necessary. Single-diode and two-diode model are widely used to model the PV system. However, it required to determine several parameters such as series and shunt resistances that not provided in datasheet.  The main goal of PV modelling technique is to obtain the accurate parameters to ensure the I-V characteristic is closed to the manufacturer datasheet. Previously, the maximum power error of calculated and datasheet value are considered as objective to be minimized for both models. This paper proposes the PV parameter estimation model based minimizing the total error of open circuit voltage (VOC), short circuit current (ISC) and maximum power (PMAX) where all these parameters are provided by the manufacturer. The performance of single-diode and two-diode models are tested on different type of PV modules using MATLAB. It found that the two-diode model obtained accurate parameters with smaller error compared to single-diode model. However, the simulation time is slightly higher than single-diode model due extra calculation required.


Photovoltaic modeling, Single-diode and two-diode models, Total estimation error

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