Effective and efficient network anomaly detection system using machine learning algorithm

Mukrimah Nawir, Amiza Amir, Naimah Yaakob, Ong Bi Lynn


Network anomaly detection system enables to monitor computer network that behaves differently from the network protocol and it is many implemented in various domains. Yet, the problem arises where different application domains have different defining anomalies in their environment. These make a difficulty to choose the best algorithms that suit and fulfill the requirements of certain domains and it is not straightforward. Additionally, the issue of centralization that cause fatal destruction of network system when powerful malicious code injects in the system. Therefore, in this paper we want to conduct experiment using supervised Machine Learning (ML) for network anomaly detection system that low communication cost and network bandwidth minimized by using UNSW-NB15 dataset to compare their performance in term of their accuracy (effective) and processing time (efficient) for a classifier to build a model. Supervised machine learning taking account the important features by labelling it from the datasets. The best machine learning algorithm for network dataset is AODE with a comparable accuracy is 97.26% and time taken approximately 7 seconds. Also, distributed algorithm solves the issue of centralization with the accuracy and processing time still a considerable compared to a centralized algorithm even though a little drop of the accuracy and a bit longer time needed.


anomaly detection; averaged one dependence; estimator (AODE); machine learning; UNSW-NB15;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v8i1.1387


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