Improved wolf algorithm on document images detection using optimum mean technique

Wan Azani Mustafa, Mohamed Mydin M. Abdul Kader, Zahereel Ishwar Abdul Khalib


Detection text from handwriting in historical documents provides high-level features for the challenging problem of handwriting recognition. Such handwriting often contains noise, faint or incomplete strokes, strokes with gaps, and competing lines when embedded in a table or form, making it unsuitable for local line following algorithms or associated binarization schemes. In this paper, a proposed method based on the optimum threshold value and namely as the Optimum Mean method was presented. Besides, Wolf method unsuccessful in order to detect the thin text in the non-uniform input image. However, the proposed method was suggested to overcome the Wolf method problem by suggesting a maximum threshold value using optimum mean. Based on the calculation, the proposed method obtained a higher F-measure (74.53), PSNR (14.77) and lowest NRM (0.11) compared to the Wolf method. In conclusion, the proposed method successful and effective to solve the wolf problem by producing a high-quality output image.


Binarization; Document; Mean; Optimum; Wolf

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