Application of mobile cloud computing in emergency health care

Shihab A. Hameed, Ali Nirabi, Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Alaa Haddad


Mobile applications in emergency health care help maintain patient confidentiality and manage patient records, data storage. Compiles and analyzes care of better quality care. new implementations come with new goals and technologies like using mobile application with cloud computing system and reducing the responding time to safe the patient life and give the patient best health care professional service transition to using of mobile application in emergency healthcare, this paper will present (MCCEH) mobile cloud computing in emergency health care model, mainly reducing the wasting time in emergency health care, The process starting once the accident occurred and the patient run the application, mobile application will detect the patient location and allow him to book nearest medical center or specialist in some emergency cases once the patient did the booking will send help request to medical center this process will include an online pre-register patient in the medical center to save time of patient registration, MCCEH model allows the patients to review the previous feedback and experiences of each specialist or medical center and allows doctors to be able to stay in contact with their patients more often and by communication through mobiles applications and share messages and photos of the accident or emergency case itself.


Cloud computing; Cross-platform; Emergency; Health care; Mobile cloud computing for emergency healthcare model (MCCEH)

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