Camera-projector calibration for near infrared imaging system

Marlina Yakno, Junita Mohamad-Saleh, Mohd Zamri Ibrahim, W. N. A. W. Samsudin


Advanced biomedical engineering technologies are continuously changing the medical practices to improve medical care for patients. Needle insertion navigation during intravenous catheterization process via Near infrared (NIR) and camera-projector is one solution. However, the central point of the problem is the image captured by camera misaligns with the image projected back on the object of interest. This causes the projected image not to be overlaid perfectly in the real-world. In this paper, a camera-projector calibration method is presented. Polynomial algorithm was used to remove the barrel distortion in captured images. Scaling and translation transformations are used to correct the geometric distortions introduced in the image acquisition process. Discrepancies in the captured and projected images are assessed. The accuracy of the image and the projected image is 90.643%. This indicates the feasibility of the captured approach to eliminate discrepancies in the projection and navigation images.


Camera-projector calibration; Chessboard patterns; Geometric transformation; Lens distortions; Vein visualizing

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