Image processing based eye detection methods a theoretical review

B. Vijayalaxmi, Chavali Anuradha, Kaushik Sekaran, Maytham N. Meqdad, Seifedine Kadry


Lately, many of the road accidents have been attributed to the driver stupor. Statistics revealed that about 32% of the drivers who met with such accidents demonstrated the symptoms of tiredness before the mishap though at varying levels. The purpose of this research paper is to revisit the various interventions that have been devised to provide for assistance to the vehicle users to avert unwarranted contingencies on the roads. The paper tries to make a sincere attempt to encapsulate the body of work that has been initiated so far in this direction. As is evident, there are numerous ways in which one can identify the fatigue of the driver, namely biotic or physiological gauges, vehicle type and more importantly the analysis of the face in terms of its alignment and other attributes.


Driver behavior; Eye detection; Face detection; Fatigue; Skin

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