Recognition of brain cancer and cerebrospinal fluid due to the usage of different MRI image by utilizing support vector machine

Soobia Saeed, Afnizanfaizal Abdullah


Medicinal images assume an important part in the diagnosis of tumors as well as Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak. Similarly, MRI could be the cutting-edge regenerative imaging technology that allows for a sectional angle perspective of the body that gives specialists convenience and will inspect the person-concerned. In this paper, the author has attempted the strategy to classify MRI images at the beginning of production to have a tumor or recognition. The study aims to address the aforementioned problems associated with brain cancer with a CSF leak. This research, the author focuses on brain tumor and applies the statistical model for the testing and also discusses the images of a brain tumor. They can judge the tumor region by conducting a comparative image analysis and applying Histogram function afterwards to construct a classifier that could be prepared to predict tumor and non-tumor MRI examinees based on the support vector machine. Our system is capable of detecting the right region that a pathologist also highlights. In the future, this should be more driven with the objective that tumors can be arranged and describe the solution in the medical terms and implementation with gives some predictions about the future generated by modified technology.



Brain tumor; Cerebrospinal fluid; Classifier; HOG (histogram of a gradient); MRI; SVM

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