Design and implementation of grid based clustering in WSN using dynamic sink node

Aya Ahkam Kamil, Maham Kamil Naji, Hasan Abdulhadi Turki


A wireless sensor networks (WSNs) play a significant application, especially in the monitored remoting environmental, which enables by the availability of sensors which are cheaper, smaller, and intelligent. The equipment of such sensors be with wireless interfaces, which a communication with other sensors occurs for creating a network, that contains many distributed nodes. The closest nodes to the sink are exploited at an enormous traffic load while the data from the whole regions are forwarded between them to reach the sink. This result in exhausting their energy quickly and partitioning the network. This is solved by changing the sink node position in Grid based clustering technique, which considers the optimal method for this purpose. A simulation with MATLAB can be applied for grid based clustering technique to evaluate the performance of WSN. The expected results deal with outperforms in throughput, reducing energy consumption and increasing residual energy, in addition to prolong the network lifetime of the sensor network



Grid based clustering; Sink node position; Static & dynamic; WSN

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