Optimal Operation of Thermal System Based on Optimum Power Flow

Majli Nema Hawas



This paper has demonstrated that the Newton Raphsin (NR) technique for load flow can be stretched out to yield the optimal load flow arrangement that is achievable as for all significant disparity imperatives. These arrangements are frequently required for arranging and activity. We was examined how the load ought to be shared among different plants, when line misfortunes are represented to limit the absolute activity cost with optimal power flow (OPF) computation with thought about penalty factors, Steady fuel cost and coefficient factors. The testing system is IEEE three-machines and nine- Bus bars system. The obtained results were compared by initial operation and equality distribution through the saving cost ($/year).The comparison of results showed saving more than 1.6 million $/year. The programs used in this research are implemented by using MATLAB V.18.a.


Optimal Power Flow, Optimal Scheduling, Economic Dispatch, Power system controls.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i2.1901


Bulletin of EEI Stats