The Impact of Integration of Solar farms on the Power Losses, Voltage Profile and Short Circuit Level in the Distribution system

Abdallah Alzyoud, Ali Dalabeeh, Anwar Al-Mofleh, Ahmad Allabadi


This paper introduces a study of utilizing solar energy farm, integrated with the national grid, according to an intensive data availability of solar energy in Jordan. This study discusses the impact and the ability of integrating solar farms into the Jordanian national grid, considering different cases and, various power system studies for connection points of solar farms to medium voltage networks. Among these studies are short circuit level, voltage profile and power losses. The major objective of the study is to analyze the impacts of integration of solar farms on distribution systems in the chosen areas. Photovoltaic (PV) system with varying penetration levels are integrated at different locations (connection points) into the distribution network. Calculations are performed and models are built using real data obtained from the Jordanian power system with PV interconnection. The effects of the short circuit level, voltage profile and power losses in the distribution system are also analyzed. Finally, the most suitable method of connecting the solar farm to the national power network is recommended


Renewable energy, Solar system, Distribution network, Short circuit level, Voltage profile, Power losses



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