Artificial intelligence in education and assessment methods

Balqis Al Braiki, Saad Harous, Nazar Zaki, Fady Alnajjar


Today, artificial intelligence has proliferated to reach almost every wing of daily life, perhaps one of the most sensitive of these being education. While teaching, insofar as it involves training human minds, is still mostly a form of art rather than a regular science, the taking up of this elitist job by computers has triggered much debate and controversy, involving the teaching community as much as the select corporate AI giants who strive to create computers capable of teaching better than humans. This paper surveys the most relevant studies carried out in this field to date. First, it introduces AI and describes the different AI applications in field of education and course assessment. It then goes on to list the most common topics in the educational context that have been resolved through AI and machine learning techniques, and finally, some of the most promising future lines of research are discussed.



Artificial-intelligence; Course-assessment; Education; Machine-learning

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