Social networking mobile apps framework for organizing and facilitating charitable and voluntary activities in Malaysia

Salama A. Mostafa, Aida Mustapha, Palaniappan Shamala, Omar Ibrahim Obaid, Bashar Ahmed Khalaf


Numerous non-profit driven establishments depend on volunteers to help achieve their administrative targets. Despite the fact that volunteers work side-by-side or now and again substitute representatives in delivering services, inputting volunteer work into non-profit ventures of delivering services presents remarkable difficulties. Understanding these difficulties provides a significant fundamental building step in comprehending the influence these challenges have on service developmental plans and operations when utilizing volunteers. In this study, the paper brings forward a Charity Fundraising Information System (CFIS) framework and presents the modelling and evaluation of a plan and operational variables applicable to volunteer fulfilment in non-profit driven organizations. Discoveries indicate that fulfilled volunteers are bound to stay longer with the same establishment, give monetarily to the non-profit driven organization, and prescribe the volunteer involvement to other people. Every one of these results guarantees the continuous sustenance of the non-profit driven establishment.


Charity fundraising; Mobile apps; Social media; Social networking

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