Improved El Gamal public key cryptosystem using 3D chaotic maps

Muna KH. Al-naamee, Sura Mazin Ali


Digital information is any type of data that is stored electronically. These data need to protect its assets and unauthorized access to it and therefore need measures to protect digital privacy. This process is done in different ways, one of which is encryption. Encryption provides secure transfer of unauthorized data over insecure channels. In this paper a method is proposed to create the keys to the El Gamal PKC algorithm based on chaos theory. The proposed algorithm uses 3D chaos maps to create keys used in the encryption and decryption process using an El Gamal algorithm. The time spent encoding and decoding in milliseconds was calculated and compared with methods that used 1D and 2D chaotic maps. Also, the results obtained exceeded most of the statistical and NIST tests. The generated results are tested their reactions against many types of attacks. Then, the results showed that the proposed method had an excellent randomness efficiency for creating public and private keys for El Gamal's algorithm.


3D chaotic maps; Cryptography; El-Gamal PKC algorithm; Information Security; Random numbers

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