Verification analysis for the reliable analytical multi-taper detector in next generation network

Hebat Allah O. Selim, Ahmed Shaaban Dessouki, Heba Y. M. Soliman


Multi-taper method (MTM) acts as an effective detector of spectrum sensing in Cognitive radio networks. In this paper, an analytical study was proposed in which reliable, simple, and computationally efficient mathematical terms for the mean and variance of the probability density function (PDF) were derived using the MTM technique. The closed-form expressions for the probability of detection and false alarm for the MTM detector were obtained accordingly. The proposed analytical study was evaluated by intensive simulations using MATLAB. Different simulation techniques were proposed to verify the derived analysis. The existence of White Gaussian Noise was assumed. Important aspects of spectrum detection in cognitive radio networks were included such as, receiver operating characteristics, detection rate versus signal to noise ratio (SNR), and the minimum desired sample points for a specific performance. A comparison was completed with the energy detection technique and all of the results suggested that the proposed paradigm is both credible and powerful under all the parameters considered in the simulation.


Cognitive radio; Detectors; Estimators; Multitaper; Spectrum sensing

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