Optimization of location and size of distributed generations for maximizing their capacity and minimizing power loss of distribution system based on cuckoo search algorithm

Thang Nguyen


Maximizing capacity of distributed generations (DGs) embed into distribution system is one of the solutions to attract investment for installation of DGs on the distribution system. This paper presents a method of optimizing location and capacity of DGs for maximizing DGs capacity and minimizing power loss of the distribution system based on cuckoo search algorithm (CSA). The proposed problem and method are simulated on two test systems consisting of the 33-nodes and 69-nodes distribution systems. The numerical results have demonstrated that the proposed method not only reduces power losses but also maximizes the power of DGs embed into the distribution system. The results also show that the proposed CSA method is better performance that some other methods in the literature in terms of power loss and DGs capacity. The results obtained in many independent runs for two test systems indicate that CSA in one of the reliable methods for the DGs placement problems.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i4.2278


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