Smart aerosonde UAV longitudinal flight control system based on genetic algorithm

Ahmed Elbatal, Ahmed Medhat Youssef, Mohamed M. Elkhatib


Synthesis of a flight control system for such an aircraft that achieves stable and acceptable performance across a specified flying envelope in the presence of uncertainties represents an attractive and challenging design problem. This study uses the genetic self-tuning PID algorithm to develop an intelligent flight control system for the aerosonde UAV model. To improve the system's transient responses, the gains of the PID controller are improved using a genetic algorithm (GA). Simulink/MATLAB software is used to model and simulate the proposed system. The proposed PID controller integrated with the GA is compared with the classical one. Three simulation scenarios are carried out. In the first scenario, and at normal conditions, the proposed controller performance is better than the classical one. While in the second scenario, identical results are achieved from both controllers. Finally, in the third scenario, the PID controller with GA shows the robustness and durability of the system compared with the classical PID in presence of external wind disturbance. The simulation results prove the system parameters optimization.


Flight control system; Genetic algorithm; PID controller; UAV

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