Model Predictive Control Strategy for Industrial Process

V Balaji, E. Maheswari


Model Predictive control (MPC) is shown to be particularly effective for the self-tuning control of industrial processes. It makes use of a truncated step response of the process and provides a simple explicit solution in the absence of constraints. Here we use Dynamic Matrix Control (DMC). DMC uses a set of basis functions to form the future control sequence. The industrial success of DMC has mainly come from its application to high dimension multivariable system without constraints. Here main objective of DMC controller is to drive the output as close to the set point as possible in a least square sense with the possibility of the inclusion of a penalty term on the input moves. Therefore, the manipulated variables are selected to minimize a quadratic objective that can consider the minimization of future error. Implementation of the internal model control is also shown here. The control strategy is to determine the best model for the current operating condition and activate the corresponding controller. Internal model control (IMC) continues to be a powerful strategy in complex, industrial processes control application. This structure provides a practical tool to influence dynamic performance and robustness to modeling error transparently in the design. It is particularly appropriate for the design and implementation of controllers for linear open loop stable system. A simulated example of the control of nonlinear chemical process is shown. The nonlinear chemical process study in this work is the exothermic stirred tank reactors system with the first order reaction. The reaction is assumed to be perfectly mixed and no heat loss occurs within the system. Using internal model control and dynamic matrix control has simulated control of the total process in CSTR. Simulation example provided to show the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

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