Twitter sentiment analysis of the relocation of Indonesia's capital city

Edi Sutoyo, Ahmad Almaarif


Indonesia has a capital city which is one of the many big cities in the world called Jakarta. Jakarta's role in the dynamics that occur in Indonesia is very central because it functions as a political and government center, and is a business and economic center that drives the economy. Recently the discourse of the government to relocate the capital city has invited various reactions from the community. Therefore, in this study, sentiment analysis of the relocation of the capital city was carried out. The analysis was performed by doing a classification to describe the public sentiment sourced from twitter data, the data is classified into 2 classes, namely positive and negative sentiments. The algorithms used in this study include Naïve Bayes classifier, logistic regression, support vector machine, and K-nearest neighbor. The results of the performance evaluation algorithm showed that support vector machine outperformed as compared to 3 algorithms with the results of Accuracy, Precision, Recall, and F-measure are 97.72%, 96.01%, 99.18%, and 97.57%, respectively. Sentiment analysis of the discourse of relocation of the capital city is expected to provide an overview to the government of public opinion from the point of view of data coming from social media.



K-nearest neighbor; Logistic regression; Naïve Bayes classifier; Opinion mining; Relocation of the capital city; Sentiment analysis; Support vector machine

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