Generation of high dynamic range for enhancing the panorama environment

Roa'a M. Al_airaji, Ibtisam A. Aljazaery, Suha Kamal Al_Dulaimi, Haider TH.Salim Alrikabi


This paper presents a methodology for enhancement of panorama images environment by calculating high dynamic range. Panorama is constructing by merge of several photographs that are capturing by traditional cameras at different exposure times. Traditional cameras usually have much lower dynamic range compared to the high dynamic range in the real panorama environment, where the images are captured with traditional cameras will have regions that are too bright or too dark. A more details will be visible in bright regions with a lower exposure time and more details will be visible in dark regions with a higher exposure time. Since the details in both bright and dark regions cannot preserve in the images that are creating using traditional cameras, the proposed system have to calculate one using the images that traditional camera can actually produce. The proposed systems start by get LDR panorama image from multiple LDR images using SIFT features technology and then convert this LDR panorama image to the HDR panorama image using inverted local patterns. The results in this paper explained that the HDR panorama images that resulting from the proposed method is more realistic image and appears as it is a real panorama environment.


BBF search algorithm; High dynamic range (HDR); Image stitching; Inverted local patterns; Panorama; SIFT features

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