Improved MSHA-1 Algorithm with Mixing Method

Rogel Ladia Quilala, Theda Flare G. Quilala


Abstract—Recently, a Modified SHA-1 (MSHA-1) has been proposed and claimed to have better security performance over SHA-1. However, the study showed that MSHA-1 hashing time performance was slower. In this research, an improved version of MSHA-1 was analyzed using avalanche effect and hashing time as performance measure applying 160-bit output and the mixing method to improve the diffusion rate.  The diffusion results showed the improvement in the avalanche effect of the improved MSHA-1 algorithm by 51.88%, which is higher than the 50% standard to be considered secured. MSHA-1 attained 50.53% avalanche effect while SHA1 achieved only 47.03% thereby showing that the improved MSHA-1 performed better security performance by having an improvement of 9.00% over the original SHA-1 and 3.00% over MSHA-1. The improvement was also tested using 500 random string for ten trials. The improved MSHA-1 has better hashing time performance as indicated by 31.03% improvement. Hash test program has been used to test the effectiveness of the algorithm by producing 1000 hashes from random input strings and showed zero (0) duplicate hashes.


Hashing, Avalanche, SHA, Message digest



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