Implementation of a decentralized real-time management system for electrical distribution networks using the Internet of Things in smart grids



Intelligent management of the electrical network is the implementation of an integrated system based on a reliable, secure communication architecture for transmitting end-to-end information between the equipment and the management system. Energy is a robust and scalable control strategy. The main objective of this work is to respond to the great challenges of intelligent electrical networks by combining them with intelligent techniques for reconfiguring the distribution network. The solution is based on a graph model and a secure communication architecture using the Internet of Things to ensure flexibility in terms of smart grid management.

This intelligent multi-criteria solution uses a secure communication architecture and the MQTT protocol to ensure interoperability and system security. The tests were carried out on the IEEE 33 bus network and we recorded an optimization of the losses and a clear improvement in the nodal voltage despite the variation in the electric charge.


Smart grid;Distribution networks;Internet of things; Power optimization;Reconfiguration; Remote control ; SCADA system;TOPSIS



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