An optimal placement of phasor measurement unit using new sensitivity indices

K. Khalid, A. A. Ibrahim, N. A. M. Kamari, M. H. M. Zaman


This paper presents an alternative approach to solve an optimal phasor measurement unit (PMU) placement by introducing two new sensitivity indices. The indices are constructed from the information measured from PMUs such as voltage magnitude and angle. These two parameters are essential for power system stability assessment and control. Therefore, fault analysis is carried out to obtain the voltage magnitude and angle deviations at all buses in order to construct the indices. An exhaustive search method is used to solve the linear integer programming problem where all possible combinations of PMU placement are evaluated to obtain the optimal solution. Unfortunately, the traditional objective function to minimize the total number of PMU placement leads to multiple solutions. The indices can be used to assess multiple solutions of PMU placement from the exhaustive method. In this work, an optimal solution is selected based on the performance of PMU placement in according to the indices. The proposed method is tested on the IEEE 14 bus test system. Only four PMUs are required to monitor the whole test system. However, the number of PMUs can be reduced to three PMUs after applying zero injection bus elimination.


Integer linear programming; Observability contraints; Phasor measurement unit; Power system stability; Zero injection bus

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