Visualizing stemming techniques on online news articles text analytics

Nurul Atiqah Razmi, Muhammad Zharif Zamri, Sharifah Syafiera Syed Ghazalli, Noraini Seman


Stemming is the process to convert words into their root words by the stemming algorithm. It is one of the main processes in text analytics where the text data needs to go through stemming process before proceeding to further analysis. Text analytics is a very common practice nowadays that is practiced toanalyze contents of text data from various sources such as the mass media and media social. In this study, two different stemming techniques; Porter and Lancaster are evaluated. The differences in the outputs that are resulted from the different stemming techniques are discussed based on the stemming error and the resulted visualization. The finding from this study shows that Porter stemming performs better than Lancaster stemming, by 43%, based on the stemming error produced. Visualization can still be accommodated by the stemmed text data but some understanding of the background on the text data is needed by the tool users to ensure that correct interpretation can be made on the visualization outputs.


Lancaster stemmer; Porter stemmer; Stemming; Text analytics; Visualization

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