An enhanced fireworks algorithm to generate prime key for multiple users in fingerprinting domain

Hussein Ali Ismael, Jamal Mustafa Abbas, Salama A. Mostafa, Ali Hussein Fadel


This work presents a new method to enhance the performance of fireworks algorithm to generate a prime key for multiple users. A threshold technique in image segmentation is used as one of the major steps. It is used processing the digital image. Some useful algorithms and methods for dividing and sharing an image, including measuring, recognizing, and recognizing, are common. In this research, we proposed a hybrid technique of fireworks and camel herd algorithms (HFCA), where Fireworks are based on 3-dimension (3D) logistic chaotic maps. Both, the Otsu method and the convolution technique are used in the pre-processing image for further analysis. The Otsu is employed to segment the image and find the threshold for each image, and convolution is used to extract the features of the used images. The sample of the images consists of two images of fingerprints taken from the Biometric System Lab (University of Bologna). The performance of the anticipated method is evaluated by using FVC2004 dataset. The results of the work enhanced algorithm, so quick response code (QRcode) is used to generate a stream key by using random text or number, which is a class of symmetric-key algorithm that operates on individual bits or bytes.


3D logistic chaotic map; Convolution; Fireworks and camel algorithms; Otsu method; QRcode

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