eHMCOKE: an enhanced overlapping clustering algorithm for data analysis

Alvincent E. Danganan, Edjie Malonzo De Los Reyes


Improved multi-cluster overlapping k-means extension (IMCOKE) uses median absolute deviation (MAD) in detecting outliers in datasets makes the algorithm more effective with regards to overlapping clustering. Nevertheless, analysis of the applied MAD positioning was not considered. In this paper, the incorporation of MAD used to detect outliers in the datasets was analyzed to determine the appropriate position in identifying the outlier before applying it in the clustering application. And the assumption of the study was the size of the cluster and cluster that are close to each other can led to a higher runtime performance in terms of overlapping clusters. Therefore, additional parameters such as radius of clusters and distance between clusters are added measurements in the algorithm procedures. Evaluation was done through experimentations using synthetic and real datasets. The performance of the eHMCOKE was evaluated via F1-measure criterion, speed and percentage of improvement. Evaluation results revealed that the eHMCOKE takes less time to discover overlap clusters with an improvement rate of 22% and achieved the best performance of 91.5% accuracy rate via F1-measure in identifying overlapping clusters over the IMCOKE algorithm. These results proved that the eHMCOKE significantly outruns the IMCOKE algorithm on mosts of the test conducted.


K-means; MAD; Maxdist; Outliers; Overlap

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