Online Parameter Estimation of a Lithium-Ion Battery based on Sunflower Optimization Algorithm

Mouncef Elmarghichi, Mostafa bouzi, Naoufl Ettalabi


For techniques used to estimate battery state of charge (SOC) based on equivalent electric circuit models (ECMs), the battery equivalent model parameters are affected by factors such as SOC, temperature, battery aging, leading to SOC estimation error. Therefore, it is necessary to accurately identify these parameters. Updating battery model parameters constantly also known as online parameter identification can effectively solve this issue. In this paper, we propose a novel strategy based on the sunflower optimization algorithm (SFO) to identify battery model parameters and predict the output voltage in real-time. The identification accuracy has been confirmed using empirical data obtained from CALCE battery group (the center for advanced life cycle engineering) performed on the Samsung (INR 18650 20R) battery cell under one electric vehicle (EV) cycle protocol named Dynamic Stress Test. Comparative analysis of SFO and AFRRLS (Adaptive forgetting factor of recursive least squares) is carried out to prove the efficiency of the proposed algorithm. Results show that the calibrated model using SFO has superiority compared with AFFRLS algorithm to simulate the dynamic voltage behavior of a lithium-ion battery in EV application.


Lithium-ion battery, SFO, AFFRLS, Electric vehicle, DST, EECM



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