State feedback linearization using block companion similarity transformation

Kessal Farida, Hariche Kamel, Bentarzi Hamid, Boushaki Razika


In this research work, a new method is proposed for linearizing a class of nonlinear multivariable system; where the number of inputs divides exactly the number of states. The idea of proposed method consists in representing the original nonlinear system into a state-dependent coefficient form and applying block similarity transformations that allow getting the linearized system in block companion form. Because the linearized system’s eigenstructure can determine system performance and robustness far more directly and explicitly than other indicators, the given class multivariable system is chosen. Examples are used to illustrate the application and show the effectiveness of the given approach.


Block companion form Eigenstructure; Feedback linearization; Multivariable nonlinear system; Similarity block transformation



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