The COVID-19 fake news detection in Thai social texts

Pakpoom Mookdarsanit, Lawankorn Mookdarsanit


One important obstruction against Thai COVID-19 recovery is fake news shared on social media that is one of the “Artificial Intelligence Open Issues against COVID-19” reported by Montreal.AI. Misinformation spread is one of the main cyber-security threats that should be filtered out as the IDS for maintaining COVID-19 information quality. To detect fake news in Thai texts, Thai-NLP techniques are necessary. This paper proposes a state-of-the-art Thai COVID-19 fake news detection among word relations using transfer learning models. For pre-training from the global open COVID-19 datasets, the source dataset is constructed by English to Thai translating. The novel feature shifting is formulated to enlarge Thai text examples in target dataset. Machine translation can be used for constructing Thai source dataset to cope with the lack of local dataset for future Thai-NLP applications. To lead the knowledge in Thai text understanding forward, feature shifting is a promising accuracy improvement in fine-tuning stage.


COVID-19 misinformation; Fake news detection; Feature shifting; Thai fake news filtering; Transfer learning

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