Pre-convoluted neural networks for fashion classification

Mustafa Amer Obaid, Wesam M. Jasim


In this work, concept of the fashion-MNIST images classification constructed on convolutional neural networks is discussed. Whereas, 28×28 grayscale images of 70,000 fashion products from 10 classes, with 7,000 images per category, are in the fashion-MNIST dataset. There are 60,000 images in the training set and 10,000 images in the evaluation set. The data has been initially pre-processed for resizing and reducing the noise. Then, this data is normalized for ensuring that all the data are on the same scale and this usually improves the performance. After normalizing the data, it is augmented where one image will be in three forms of output. The first output image is obtained by rotating the actual one; the second output image is obtained as acute angle image; and the third is obtained as tilt image. The new data set is of 180,000 images for training phase and 30,000 images for the testing phase. Finally, data is sent to training process as input for training model of the pre-convolution network. The pre-convolution neural network with the five layered convoluted deep neural network and do the training with the augmented data, The performance of the proposed system shows 94% accuracy where it was 93% in VGG16 and 92% in AlexNetnetworks.


Convolutional neural networks; Fashion MNIST datas; Image classification; Pre-convolution neural network

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