The estimate of amplitude and phase of harmonics in power system using the extended kalman filter

Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti, Ahmed Amin Ahmed Solyman


Nowadays, the amplitude of the harmonics in the power grid has increased unwittingly due to the increasing use of the nonlinear elements and power electronics. It has led to a significant reduction in power quality indicators. As a first step, the estimate of the amplitude, and the phase of the harmonics in the power grid are essential to resolve this problem. We use the Kalman filter to estimate the phase, and we use the minimal squared linear estimator to assess the amplitude. To test the aforementioned method, we use terminal test signals of the industrial charge consisting of the power converters and ignition coils. The results show that this algorithm has a high accuracy and estimation speed, and they confirm the proper performance in instantaneous tracking of the parameters.


Kalman filter; Minimal squared linear estimator; Power grid harmonic phase; Power quality

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