Development of 3D convolutional neural network to recognize human activities using moderate computation machine

Malik A. Alsaedi, Abdulrahman Saeed Mohialdeen, Baraa Munqith Albaker


Human activity recognition (HAR) is recently used in numerous applications including smart homes to monitor human behavior, automate homes according to human activities, entertainment, falling detection, violence detection, and people care. Vision-based recognition is the most powerful method widely used in HAR systems implementation due to its characteristics in recognizing complex human activities. This paper addresses the design of a 3D convolutional neural network (3D-CNN) model that can be used in smart homes to identify several numbers of activities. The model is trained using KTH dataset that contains activities like (walking, running, jogging, handwaving handclapping, boxing). Despite the challenges of this method due to the effectiveness of the lamination, background variation, and human body variety, the proposed model reached an accuracy of 93.33%. The model was implemented, trained and tested using moderate computation machine and the results show that the proposal was successfully capable to recognize human activities with reasonable computations.


3D-CNN; Convolutional neural network; Deep learning; HAR; Smart home; Vision

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