System of smart detection and control to electrical energy for saving of electrical energy consumption

R. Roslina, Afritha Amelia, Heru Pranoto, Bakti Viyata Sundawa


Public campus has a mandate to saving of electrical energy. Electrical energy consumption is often wasteful in building. There is tendency wasteful by user. Electronic equipment is often still turn on at idle time. Only a few students want to turn off the equipment and shut down the computer. Saving of electrical energy is not only at idle time but it can be improved into operational hour. It is not depending on idle time or operational hours, but depends on human presence. Implementation of electrical energy saving has to be supported by frugal behavior and equipment technology. In this study, we name system of smart detection and control to electrical energy (Sisdece). This system is consist of hardware and software. Hardware applies passive infrared sensor (PIR) sensor, wireless sensor network (WSN), microcontroller ESP32, access point, relay. Software use C++, hypertext preprocessor (PHP), hypertext markup language (HTML) and android studio. Result of measurement has been done in a month during November 2020. Average of energy saved is 12.51 kWh and total of electrical energy is 105.86 kWh. Comparison of energy saved to electrical energy is 11.81%. This is a significant reduction to electrical bill. The result is expected as benchmark of electrical energy management in Politeknik Negeri Medan (POLMED).


Idle time; Operating hours; Saving energy; Smart control; Smart detection

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