Delta-sigma ADC modulator for multibit data converters using passive adder entrenched second order noise shaping

Ali Kareem Nahar, Hussain K. Khleaf


This paper introduces a multi-bit data converters (MDC) modulator of the 2nd order delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter use the passive adder proposed. The noise shaping quantizer can provide feedback that has generated quantization noise and perform additional shaping noise first-order by coupling noise method.Thus, two Integrator's with ring amplifier and the MDC is shaped by noise coupling quantizer know the 2nd-order noise coupled with somewhat of a DAC modulator. At a summing point, the inputs are summed and then filtered with a low pass filter. A cyclic second order response is generated with a data weighted averaging (DWA) technique in which the DACs ' outputs are limited to one of two states in the noise shaping responses. Mainly as a result of the harmonic distortion in circuits of amplifier. Transistor rate is equipped for the fully differential switched condenser integrator used, a comparator and DWA. The modulator with proposed DWA design, almost quarterly improved timing margin. A simulated SNDR of 92dB is obtained at 20 MHz sampling frequency; while a sinusoidal output of 4.112 dBFS is tested at 90µs besides 20 MHz as the bandwidth. The power consumption is 0.33 mW while the voltage of the supply is 1.2V.


2nd Order noise shaping; DWA; MDC; ΔΣ-DAC modulator

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