Temperature dependent analytical model for submicron GaAs-MESFET

Mohamed Djouder, Arezki Benfdila, Ahcene Lakhlef


MESFET transistors are used for amplification and logic circuits design in the gigahertz range as they are based on direct band semiconductors such as gallium arsenide (GaAs) that has electron mobility almost six times higher than that of silicon. An analytical model for GaAs MESFET which simulates the different current-voltage characteristics, the output conductance and the output transconductance of the GaAs MESFET device with 0.3µm gate with temperature dependence has been etablished. The precision of the model was validated by a comparison of the results of the proposed model and those of the numerical simulation. The values of the various parameters are calculated using the intrinsic MESFET of geometry considered in two-dimensional plane. In this work, we have taken into account the distribution of different loads in the field of application and the variation of the applied voltage. Simulation results obtained considering the influence of temperature variations on the device under load distribution and applied driven voltage variation are considered. The RMS and average errors between the different models and the simulation of the GaAs MESFET were calculated to evidence the accuracy of the proposed model. This was demonstrated by a good agreement between the predicted model and the results of the simulation. The results are found to be in good agreements and led to discussions. The simulation results obtained under temperature variations were discussed and found to complement those obtained in the literature. This clarifying the relevance of the suggested model analytical.


Conductance; MESFET; Submicron; Temperature; Trans-conductance; Two-dimensional

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i3.2944


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