Compensating the performance of permanent magnet synchronous machines for fully electric vehicle using LPV control

Hassam Muazzam, Mohamad Khairi Ishak, Athar Hanif


The state-of-the-art robust H∞ linear parameter-varying controller is designed for wide speed operating range for non-linear mathematical model of permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM) in d-q reference frame for fully electric vehicle. This study propose polytopic approach using rotor speed as scheduling variable to reformulate mathematical model of PMSM into linear parameter varying (LPV) form. The weights were optimized for sensitivity and complementary sensitivity function. The simulation results illustrate fast tracking and enhanced performance of the proposed control technique over wide range of rotor speed. Moreover, as part of this work, the results of H∞ linear parameter varying controller is validated by comparing it with linear quadratic integrator and proportional integral derivative (PID) control techniques to show the effectiveness of the proposed control technique.


H∞; Linear parameter varying; Linear quadratic integral; Permanent magnet synchronous machines; Proportional integral derivative

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