Novel load balancing approach based on ant colony optimization technique in cloud computing

Yasameen A. Ghani Alyouzbaki, Muaayed F. Al-Rawi


The cloud is the framework in which communication is connected with virtual machines, data centers, hosts, and brokers. The broker searches for a highly reliable cloudlet virtual machine for execution. Vulnerability can occur in the network because of which framework gets overburden. A research strategy is introduced in this article to expand the fault tolerance of the framework. The proposed approach improvement depends on the algorithm of ant colony optimization (ACO) that can choose the better virtual machine on which is to migrate the cloudlet to reduce the execution time and energy consumption. The efficiency of the proposed approach simulated in terms of execution time, energy consumption and examined with CloudSim. The introduction is provided in this article with a detailed description of cloud computing and, in addition, green cloud computing with its models. This article also discussed the virtual machine (VM) in more depth in the introduction section, which allows cloud service providers to supervise cloud resources competently while dispensing with the need for human oversight. Then the article submitted and explained the related works with their discussion and then it explained the novel proposed load balancing based on ACO technique and concluded that the execution time and energy consumption of the proposed technique is better than the three-threshold energy saving algorithm (TESA) technique that is commonly used in cloud load balancing.


Cloud computing; CloudSim; Load balancing; Virtual machine

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