Optimal distributed generation placement using artificial intelligence for improving active radial distribution system

Fadhel A. Jumaa, Omar Muhammed Neda, Mustafa A. Mhawesh


There are several profits of distributed generator (DG) units which are believed for improving the safety of the distribution power grids. However, these profits can be maximized by ensuring optimum sizing and positioning of DG units because an arbitrary location of DG units may adversely affect and jeopardize power grids which could contribute to maximising of power loss and degradation of the voltage profile. Therefore, several approaches were suggested to ensure optimum position and size of DGs. The primary aim of this article is for establishing technique for optimum scheduling and operating of DG to lessen power loss, revamp voltage profile and overall network reliability. Artificial intelligence method called particle swarm optimization (PSO) is utilized for finding the best site and size of DG to lessen power loss and boost the voltage profile. In this paper, IEEE 33 distribution system is utilized to display applicability of PSO. The results of the PSO are compared with the results gotten by other methods in the literature. Finally, the results show that the PSO is superior than the other methods.


Distributed generator; MATLAB; Particle swarm optimization; Power loss; Voltage profile

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i5.2949


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