An Energy-Efficient Flow Shop Scheduling Using Hybrid Harris Hawks Optimization

Dana Marsetiya Utama, Dian Setiya Widodo


The energy crisis has become an environmental problem, and this has received much attention from researchers. The manufacturing sector is the most significant contributor to energy consumption in the world. One of the significant efforts made in the manufacturing industry to reduce energy consumption is through proper scheduling. Energy-Efficient Scheduling (EES) is a problem in scheduling to reduce energy consumption. One of the EES problems is in a Flow Shop Scheduling Problem (FSSP). This article intends to develop a new approach to solving an EES in the FSSP problem. Hybrid Harris Hawks Optimization (Hybrid HHO) algorithm is offered to resolve the EES issue on FSSP by considering the sequence-dependent setup. Swap and flip procedures are suggested to improve HHO performance. Furthermore, several procedures were used as a comparison to assess Hybrid HHO performance. Ten tests were exercised to exhibit the Hybrid HHO accomplishment. Based on numerical experimental results, Hybrid HHO can solve EES problems. Furthermore, HHO was proven more competitive than other algorithms.


Energy-efficient scheduling; Flow shop; Harris hawks; Metaheuristic



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