A review of mobile health monitoring (mhealth) based studies for diabetes mellitus

Omar AlShorman, Mahmoud Saleh Masadeh, Buthaynah AlShorman


Diabetes as a chronic disease is considered to be a serious problem not only for diabetic patients but also for caregivers, families and countries. Hazardously, as an example, 16% of the Middle East population died every year because of diabetes as it is reported by WHO the World Health Organization. Therefore, it is crucial to utilize the recent advances and technologies to find the best instrument for diabetes monitoring and management. Recently, mobile health (mHealth) technologies have a vital role in the healthcare industrial world. Undoubtedly, mHealth technologies are used to manage, track, monitor, diagnose, and prevent chronic diseases including, diabetes. Certainly, the main advantages of mHealth include a real-time and continuous monitoring with high reliability, accessibility, and availability.  In addition to that, mHealth is considered to be a fast, accurate, simple, cheap, comfortable, and safe technology. Hence, the proposed study aims to review existing mHealth studies for managing, diagnosing, tracking, detecting, and predicting diabetic mellitus. Moreover, challenges and future trends of this emerging topic are also discussed.


Diabetes; Iot; Medical information; Mobile healthcare monitoring sensors

DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i3.3019


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