Hybrid approach redefinition-multi class with resampling and feature selection for multi-class imbalance with overlapping and noise

Erianto Ongko, Hartono Hartono


Class imbalance and overlapping on multi-class can reduce the performance and accuracy of the classification. Noise must also be considered because it can reduce the performance of classification. With a resampling algorithm and feature selection, this paper proposes a method for improving the performance of hybrid approach redefinition-multi class (HAR-MI). Resampling algorithm can overcome the problem of noise but cannot handle overlapping well. Feature selection is good at dealing with overlapping but can experience a decrease in quality if there is a noise. The HAR-MI approach is a way to deal with multi-class imbalance issues, but it has some drawbacks when dealing with overlapping. The contribution of this paper is to suggest a new approach for dealing with class imbalance, overlapping, and noise in multi-class. This is accomplished by employing minimizing overlapping selection (MOSS) as an ensemble learning algorithm and a preprocessing technique in HAR-MI, as well as employing multi-class combination cleaning and resampling (MC-CCR) as a resampling algorithm at the processing stage. When subjected to overlapping and classifier performance, it is discovered that the proposed method produces good results, as evidenced by higher augmented r-value, class average accuracy, class balance accuracy, multi class g-mean, and confusion entropy.


Class imbalance; Classifier performance; Multi-class; Noise; Overlapping;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i3.3057


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