Twitter sentimental analysis from time series facts: the implementation of enhanced support vector machine

Abhishek Kumar, Vishal Dutt, Vicente García-Díaz, Sushil Kumar Narang


Sentiment analysis through textual data mining is an indispensable system used to extract the contextual social information from the texts submitted by the intended users. Now days, world wide web is playing a vital source of textual content being shared in different communities by the people sharing their own sentiments through the websites or web blogs. Sentiment analysis has become a vital field of study since based on the extracted expressions, individuals or the businesses can access or update their reviews and take significant decisions. Sentimental mining is typically used to classify these reviews depending on its assessment as whether these reviews come out to be neutral, positive or negative. In our study, we have boosted feature selection technique with strong feature normalization for classifying the sentiments into negative, positive or neutral. Afterwards, support vector machine (SVM) classifier powered with radial basis kernel with adjusted hyper plane parameters, was employed to categorize reviews. Grid search with cross validation as well as logarithmic scale were employed for optimal values of hyper parameters. The classification results of this proposed system provides optimal results when compared to other state of art classification methods.


Bayes; Radial basis Kernel; Sentiment analysis; Senti WordNet; Support vector machine; Text data mining

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