Design and implementation of internet of things-based electrical monitoring system

Jumana A. Hassan, Basil H. Jasim


Many modern monitoring and controlling projects such as systems in factories, home, and other used the internet of things (IoT). These devices perform self-functions without requiring manual intervention in order to improve convenience and safety. Electrical networks are one of the most important areas in which IoT systems can control, monitor, detect, and alarm for faultier, because detecting faults, monitoring network data, and finding the best solutions in a smaller duration of time to improve the efficiency and reliability of electrical networks. This paper proposes a system on the basis of a wireless sensor network (WSN). This system monitors and controls a variety of electrical and environmental variables, including power consumption, weather temperature, humidity, flame, lighting, and detection cut in the cable in electrical poles. Each sensor is a node and is connected to a microcontroller board separately. The data collected by these sensors is display and monitored on a web page and saved in a local server's database, this site was created with a variety of web programming languages. The system was developed using a free global domain. The website having a database for storing real-time sensor information.


Cable faults; Flame sensor; Internet of thing; NodeMcu board; PHP and MySQL

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