DCT based feature extraction and support vector machine classification for musical instruments tone recognition

Linggo Sumarno, Rifai Chai


The conducted research proposes a feature extraction and classification combination method that is used in a tone recognition system for musical instruments. It is expected that by implementing this combination, the tone recognition system will require fewer feature extraction coefficients than those previously investigated. The proposed combination comprises of feature extraction using discrete cosine transform (DCT) and classification using support vector machine (SVM). Bellyra, clarinet, and pianica tones were used in the experiment, with each indicating a tone with one, several, or many major local peaks in the transform domain. Based on the results of the tests, the proposed combination is efficient enough to be used in a tone recognition system for musical instruments. This is indicated in recognizing a tone, it only needs at least eight feature extraction coefficients.


DCT based feature extraction; Feature extraction; Musical instruments; SVM classification; Tone recognition

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.11591/eei.v10i5.3158


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